Saturday, 7 June 2014

Learning a lesson

North Wales Private NVQ Certified

2014 will see a new era of Tommy's come to fruition.  Tommy's personal ambition to give opportunities to individuals who want to make a long and passionate career in hairdressing has always been a driving force behind his education ethos, and the Academy hub based at Llandudno is now under construction!

Esther Business

The advancement of knowledge and tuition of quality skills is a foundation that Tommy and Esther believe should be available to everyone mapping out a career in this industry, and not just for those that are conveniently situated in or near cities.

This ambition led to the Llandudno Salon being acquired not just for it's great location, but also the volume of space at the venue, available to create an Academy to educate in.  The Llandudno Salon will become the hub of training in a bespoke and nurturing environment, that can deliver quality to the industry in the North West and UK.

Tommy Cutting Lesson

Seeing that young people were struggling to reach quality education due to their rural location, meant that some individuals are poorly prepared for what the real life of hairdressing has to throw at them.  Delivering quality knowledge, and making sure that there are real life experiences to include int his education will enable us to deliver a curriculum that will create well rounded, prepared, and employable individuals to the industry in the UK and into our own salons.

The Academy will open to external students later in the year (see below for contact details) enables the facility to become an independent identity to make the delivery of this high standard of education available to trainees.

We have immersed ourselves in different training providers, structures, and qualifications available to the industry.  Building a relationship with an industry leading NVQ qualification provider, VCTC has ensured the qualifications the Academy provides are delivered in the best way possible.

So if you have a desire to make a real career out of hairdressing in the future visit our website here and get touch with us, and take the first steps into an exciting and amazingly creative career!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!