Friday, 10 January 2014

What Colour Suits You?

Ever looked at someone and thought.... "How do they always know what colour hair looks good on them?!"  Well as part of our January theme, we are going to help you know what range of colours will be good for you.

Firstly take off your make up (not right now obviously unless you're alone!) and pop on a white t-shirt or shirt.  Now stand in front of the mirror and have a look at your skin tone.   It will either be reddish, yellow, or pinky-blue. If it is more towards the red / yellow then you have a warm skin tone, if it's pink-blue then you have a cooler skin tone.  Another way is to look at the underneath of your forearm.  What colour are the veins? If they are a blue colour then you have a cool skin tone, a warm skin tone will give you greenish veins.  If you still can't decide, the final trick... Gold & Silver Jewellery.  Pop one on, which one pops out most against your skin tone? Silver means you have a cool skin tone, and if the Gold is more prominent, then you have a warm skin tone.   This helps when deciding what type of hair colour to choose!

Here we are recommending shades of natural colours, have a look at your own hair colour and tone.  Stay around versions of this.

So if you are warm, look at warm blondes, browns, reddish caramels and coppers. 


Cool skin tones look better in colors like ash or wheat blond, coffee brown and deeper auburn reds. Neutral skin tones will look good in  almost any shade.  

So there we go!  If you want a change of colour then keep this advice in mind, and soon you will be one of those people who always get asked about your colour!