Friday, 16 December 2011

'Tis the season to be smokin'!

It is that time of year, and we are all preparing ourselves for the Christmas Party!  Be it  in the office, or the restaurant, or even if you have hired the village hall, there is no excuse for the novelty ties or Christmas  Pudding earrings this year, it's time to knock them dead (and not with the reindeer headband)!

This is a step by step from Ruth, to make your make-up as dazzling as the electric Christmas light Jumper your Grandmother bought you last year.

 Here we went for a healthy day look that will carry you through to evening with a little touch up before hand, and all in five easy steps....Hallelujah!


Start with a light liquid foundation applied with finger tips to the centre of the face and blend outwards. Always choose a foundation that matches your skin tone and if you want to look more tanned use bronzer not a darker foundation!


Set with a loose powder and apply bronzer or blusher 
to the apples of the cheeks sweeping backwards along cheek bones.


Apply a light shade of  eyeshadow to the lid all the way up to the eyebrow then use a darker shade in a v shape along the lash line and in the socket.


Using a fine small brush apply brown gel eyeliner from the centre of the lash line sweeping out to the edges, keeping as close to your eyelashes as possible. Be aware- putting too much liner on will make your eyes look smaller.


Eyebrows can be evened out in shape or filled in using a matching colour brow powder and a small brush, avoid pencils as they look too harsh.Lipliner should be as close to your natural lip colour as possible and applied lightly to your cupid bow first and then from the outside in.  Lastly apply a slick of sheer natural coloured lipstick or gloss and voila!