Saturday, 21 June 2014

Festival Ready: A 4 Step Style Guide

Before you have even hit the "PAY NOW" button for your Festival Tickets, you have probably thought of at least 3 outfit ideas, agonized over the weather and mentally tried to remember where you left your wellies after their last outing (probably in the garage still covered in last years mud- but that's okay). You have envisioned yourself looking the epitome of Festival Chic, Vanessa Hudgen's has nothing on you girl! But Wait... Suddenly its a few days before and Chic seems like a distant memory and although you have your best festival get up ready to go, you have NO idea what to do with your hair. 

Take a deep breathe.... and relax! The Tommy's Team is here to wake you from your Festival Hair-mare with some Simple 4 Step Styles. Find out below two of Chester Stylist Sally's quick fix styles. 

Style 1...Boho Chic for Shoulder Length or Longer

Step 1. Curl the hair in loose waves using curling tongs or straighteners and then apply Volume powder to the roots.

Step 2. Place your favorite flower head band around the head (over the hair), gently tease up the hair to create a bit of volume and secure.

Step 3. Take the side sections and curl back, securing with more grips to hide the elastic of the headband.

Step 4. Use a strong hold hair spray (Such as Kerastase Lacque Noire) to fix your style and adjust the curls accordingly. 

Style 2... Messy Side Bun

Step 1. Take a section of hair from the opposite side to where you would like your bun, plait this section and bring it back around the head. Securing with an elastic band and grips.

Step 2. Take the hair on the opposite side and curl it over, bringing it back to meet the plait. Secure in place using grips.

Step 3. Scoop up the hair hanging down and fold up into a bun, securing in place.This should hide the grips previously used in step 1 & 2.

Step 4. Fix in place with Hair Spray and accessories with boho inspired jewelry pieces.

There are so many inspiring hair looks to recreate this summer, these are just two of our favorites to do when your in a fix. If you would like to see a simple step by step guide of any more looks please be sure to leave us a comment below.

We love seeing your recreations so don't forget to Tweet us a photo using the hashtag "TommysFestivalStyle" . 

Lots Of Love

Tommy's xxx

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Festival Hot Picks 2014

It is impossible to think of Summer without thinking of the back log of British Festivals on offer and there is A LOT on offer. Britain hold some of the biggest festivals and although the performances and genres may differ, the festival styles and hottest looks can be seen through all. 

We are currently witnessing a fantastic display of confidence in self expression in this era. It is becoming more apparent that a large number of us are becoming more confident in expressing our personality through our style. It started with Geek Chic (let's face it most of us have worn glasses we don't really need) and its carrying on through body art and hair colour. Chester Guests, try and count how many different colours Sally's hair has been this year!

For those of you who might be regular festival goers looking for a hair style pick me up or for festival newbies looking for some quick ideas; do not fear Tommy's is here to offer you our Festival Hot Picks for 2014. Keep reading to find out our Top 3 Festival Styles and Hair colours for this Summer.

Top 3 Festival Hair Styles 2014

1. Boho/ Beach Inspired Waves... A common staple hair style for festivals, especially for
those of you with long locks. Tousled curls worn with a center parting is the statement curled style to wear in a festival and 2014 is not making any exceptions for this. For the perfect waved look Jessica, our Colour Technician,is inspired by Vanessa Hudgens. She says "I love her festival look. She always finds the right balance with her style, she is definitely my festival hair inspiration." 

2.The Top Knot...The top knot is a style that we wear through out the year and during different occasions and events. It is something you can dress up or down and is one of the most versatile looks. Our funky top knot festival hot pick comes from the gorgeous Whitney Port. 

3.The Braid...The braid is a versatile hair style and can be worn in a multitude of ways to suit different hair lengths. For shorter hair we are loving a braid using grown out or side fringes, plaited across the forehead. Tommy's Ultimate Festival braid style is the Dutch inspired braid using all the hair and wrapping it over the top of the head. Think Jennifer Lawrence and Scarlett Johansson. 

Top 3 Festival Hair Colours

1. Peacock Blue Hues... Courtesy of Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry and Demi Lavato, Blue is most certainly the new black for 2014. Chester Stylist Sally has been blue for a month now and here is what she says about this latest colour trend "Before this I was lilac for quite a while and I fancied a change. I decided to go blue as it is still a vibrant colour but I feel its more sophisticated and can be worn in different situations. I think it is going to be a popular colour through this summers festival scene" 

2. Fuschia Pink... Festival Queen Vanessa Hudgens has recently been spotted with fuschia dip dyed waves and braids. This has always been a popular festival colour and is definitely one of our Hot Picks for 2014. Our favorite pink look for this year has been inspired by Little Mix's Perrie Edwards. We love the contrast of her bright two-toned pink tresses against her pale skin tone. 

3. Multi Coloured... Ok so "technically" this is not one colour but it is most certainly one of our hot looks for 2014. Multi coloured slices under the hair, dip dyes etc have become more and more experimental over time. Think Cruella Deville as a nice person and you somehow end up with Kesha in the Timber Music Video. These funky out there looks are amazing, especially when they are created with non permanent colour such as our much loved L'Oreal Hair Chalk. Kesha's Latest coloured look is getting the Tommy's Team pumped for some serious Hair Chalk over load. Adam our Academy Assistant in Llandudno says "Walking through town with majorly multi coloured hair still isn't a common thing but for people who want to release their wild side and have a bit of hair excitement, using non permanent hair chalks for a Festival is a great way to express yourself without any long term regrets."

Hopefully we have inspired you for some new or updated Festival ideas for this Summer. We would love to see photos of your ideas and re-creations of any of these looks so don't forget to take a selfie and Tweet us using the hash-tag TommysFestivalStyle 

Lots of Love 

Tommy's xxx

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Learning a lesson

North Wales Private NVQ Certified

2014 will see a new era of Tommy's come to fruition.  Tommy's personal ambition to give opportunities to individuals who want to make a long and passionate career in hairdressing has always been a driving force behind his education ethos, and the Academy hub based at Llandudno is now under construction!

Esther Business

The advancement of knowledge and tuition of quality skills is a foundation that Tommy and Esther believe should be available to everyone mapping out a career in this industry, and not just for those that are conveniently situated in or near cities.

This ambition led to the Llandudno Salon being acquired not just for it's great location, but also the volume of space at the venue, available to create an Academy to educate in.  The Llandudno Salon will become the hub of training in a bespoke and nurturing environment, that can deliver quality to the industry in the North West and UK.

Tommy Cutting Lesson

Seeing that young people were struggling to reach quality education due to their rural location, meant that some individuals are poorly prepared for what the real life of hairdressing has to throw at them.  Delivering quality knowledge, and making sure that there are real life experiences to include int his education will enable us to deliver a curriculum that will create well rounded, prepared, and employable individuals to the industry in the UK and into our own salons.

The Academy will open to external students later in the year (see below for contact details) enables the facility to become an independent identity to make the delivery of this high standard of education available to trainees.

We have immersed ourselves in different training providers, structures, and qualifications available to the industry.  Building a relationship with an industry leading NVQ qualification provider, VCTC has ensured the qualifications the Academy provides are delivered in the best way possible.

So if you have a desire to make a real career out of hairdressing in the future visit our website here and get touch with us, and take the first steps into an exciting and amazingly creative career!  We look forward to hearing from you soon!