Saturday, 21 June 2014

Festival Ready: A 4 Step Style Guide

Before you have even hit the "PAY NOW" button for your Festival Tickets, you have probably thought of at least 3 outfit ideas, agonized over the weather and mentally tried to remember where you left your wellies after their last outing (probably in the garage still covered in last years mud- but that's okay). You have envisioned yourself looking the epitome of Festival Chic, Vanessa Hudgen's has nothing on you girl! But Wait... Suddenly its a few days before and Chic seems like a distant memory and although you have your best festival get up ready to go, you have NO idea what to do with your hair. 

Take a deep breathe.... and relax! The Tommy's Team is here to wake you from your Festival Hair-mare with some Simple 4 Step Styles. Find out below two of Chester Stylist Sally's quick fix styles. 

Style 1...Boho Chic for Shoulder Length or Longer

Step 1. Curl the hair in loose waves using curling tongs or straighteners and then apply Volume powder to the roots.

Step 2. Place your favorite flower head band around the head (over the hair), gently tease up the hair to create a bit of volume and secure.

Step 3. Take the side sections and curl back, securing with more grips to hide the elastic of the headband.

Step 4. Use a strong hold hair spray (Such as Kerastase Lacque Noire) to fix your style and adjust the curls accordingly. 

Style 2... Messy Side Bun

Step 1. Take a section of hair from the opposite side to where you would like your bun, plait this section and bring it back around the head. Securing with an elastic band and grips.

Step 2. Take the hair on the opposite side and curl it over, bringing it back to meet the plait. Secure in place using grips.

Step 3. Scoop up the hair hanging down and fold up into a bun, securing in place.This should hide the grips previously used in step 1 & 2.

Step 4. Fix in place with Hair Spray and accessories with boho inspired jewelry pieces.

There are so many inspiring hair looks to recreate this summer, these are just two of our favorites to do when your in a fix. If you would like to see a simple step by step guide of any more looks please be sure to leave us a comment below.

We love seeing your recreations so don't forget to Tweet us a photo using the hashtag "TommysFestivalStyle" . 

Lots Of Love

Tommy's xxx