Friday, 28 October 2011

Mad about the boy

Boys Boys Boys!  Over the last couple of years we have noticed that the male of the species have become more and more concerned about their look, and style, especially when it comes to their hair.  Quite a few of us regarded back to when we were younger, and how your hair was the ultimate statement of style.  For those of you (unlike me... honestly) who are old enough to remember the 80's then you will recall the flat top hairstyles, afro hair, and enough gel to tile a small animal to a wall being involved in your styling regime.

So what has changed? If you asked me a few years ago,  I never ever thought in a month of Sundays that I would be wearing  black rimmed glasses ever again, and begging for my hair to be curly! But guess what.... I am!

But this time with a modern twist, the style is a little more exaggerated and tailored.  The Morrisey quiff is textured and has  the ability to be worn up in that cool quiff, or even (for the gents that feel like a change)  The rockabilly style pictured right

Gone are the days of grade 2 on the sides and number 4 on the top from your brother on a chair in the kitchen.  Men are starting to really experiment with their hairstyles, and it's not surprising now that 78% of British men in a leading manufacturers survey said that it was important to look good.

Not forgetting that 67% of the men asked also said that the second most important thing to them after shampoo was artificial tan...Not sure where exactly they held that survey but the first part is definitely interesting.

We have Stylists trained in delivering the best quality Gents cuts, with Scissor-Over-Comb technique.  This means the quality and the shape of your cut is tailored to last as it grows out, meaning that you stay sharper for longer.

As a Company hell bent on giving cutting edge styles, some people are unaware that we also cater for men.  In fact we have seen our male client base grow sufficiently enough for us to bring in the new (3D) Mension Range from Schwarzkopf, in a dedicated Men's Lounge*

The new range develops the main concerns that face men on a hair styling level... prepare yourself, it's time to get honest!

1.  "I'm not bothered what I use" - A lot of men are guilty on this level, they really don't give a damn about what they put on their hair, some even wash their hair with their body wash... I know... But this is what happens!  So Schwarzkopf created this hair & body Shampoo.  No brainer. Whack it on, wash, rinse, DONE. This section also includes a deep cleansing shampoo for those that use a lot of product or suffer with oily scalp.

2."Its thinning, what's the point?"  It happens to a lot of us at some point, and damn it, if there is anything I can do to slow it down, I'm all for it!  Activating Shampoo works by using Taurin, Panthenol and Carnitin.  The ingredients in the Shampoo help promote hair growth, and teamed with activating shots put on the scalp twice a day, can really help you from turning into your Fathers long lost twin too prematurely!

3. "It's always dry and looks like this" Great excuse... Not anymore though!  In combination with the Cleansing Shampoo, Grooming Fluide is weightless, gives the hair a healthy shine, and contains caffeine to stimulate the roots and promote healthier hair.

4.  "I've got really bad dandruff"  Now we all suffer from time to time, this can be triggered by many factors including stress, diet, or even weather.  With the Anti dandruff tonic from 3D contains Zinc Pythiron which immediately removes dandruff flakes, and the Pro-Vitamin B5 Moisturises and reduces redness and/or itching.   Used alternately with the Anti Dandruff Shampoo / Sensitive Scalp Shampoo, we can finally say goodbye to dusty collars!

Who's for colour?  I can imagine you may think it's impossible to get your man to colour his hair, or you as a Gent may think the last thing you want is to be sat in a salon amongst a busy womanhood telling each other the problems with their men (My Father believes this is what Salons are all about), however a leading hair company released figures that showed between 2008 and 2010 the number of men visiting hair salons to get their hair coloured increased by 50%.

Well I think that number is about to increase with the introduction of 3D Mensions Hair Colours .

Before you think it - You aren't going to come out with a purple rinse! These colours are designed to blend with natural greys, and your own natural colour, you can add more with casual depth to help give your hair more structure, or you can go all out and give it maximum texture through more darker colour to the end... I haven't even got to the best bit yet!

How long would you expect all this expertise colour to take?  An hour? Maybe two?  Try Five minutes!!! It's applied at shampoo after or before your haircut, and then takes five minutes to develop, then you are rinsed out and styled.

For us guys who like to 'bish-bash-bosh' this is a great selling point, and means that we can come out the salon in the same, relatively short amount of time, looking and feeling a bit more confident about our style.  

If you want to repeat the process at home?  The packs can be purchased to take home... believe me this is great, if you keep a pack at home for those busy weekends on the Stag do's when you are going to struggle to make it  to the salon, you can pop it on at home (Or maybe get a lady friend to do it for you).

So what are you waiting for?

Friday, 14 October 2011

True Colours

Hello Tommy’s blog buddies! Sean signing in to talk colours... I’m a trainee for Tommy’s, you may have seen me in the Ruthin or Chester salon as I float around both. I’m here to fill you in on celeb colours and what to expect for A/W 2011

Anyone who I’ve shampooed will tell you I’m the biggest Gaga fan ever! (I always manage to fit her into the conversation!) Recently she returned to the UK for a quick round of promotion sporting her new fave colour... Mint Green!

I don’t see this catching on with the British public, but I love it, she’s always surprising us with amazing hair shapes and colours.


Jessie, another hair icon inspiring this season’s highly requested hair cuts/colours recently went from black to purple for a while, but didn’t like the change and went back to her trademark black high-shine bob.

You may be wondering how she keeps her hair so amazingly shiny... well there are products and colours out there that provide amazing shine, such as the organic colour Essensity available in salon, and shine products such as Magic and Sparkler

Now imagine yourself, just minding your own business on the Jubilee Underground line, avoiding glares from crazy people on the tube when.... Sorry What?  Rihanna just got on the tube??


Yes she did!  With her own Oyster Card the 23 year old Barbadian beauty, jumped on at the North Greenwich line, to get to her own concert at the O2 Arena!

That wasn’t the only surprise though, she also premiered her new hair! She’s ditched the red and gone a warm brunette with some funky colours thrown in the mix!

Autumn / Winter 2011 Forecast

Autumn/Winter 2011’s hair colours will most certainly be much warmer. While we are getting into our cosy winter clothes ready to brave the cold, we will be doing the same with our hair by putting warm, rich tones in such as...

For darker tones, look towards plums, purples and aubergines to really brighten up those winter mornings, a brave choice but an amazing colour can really bring a whole new life to a fresh cut.

If you are not so brave but still feel your colour needs a new lease of life, then you could opt for the organic colour Essensity.  This colour has rich tones and if you are a brunette, then let this colour turn you from dark and dreary to rich and ravishing with deep chocolate tones, not to mention the softness and shine!

Blondes don't fear!  If you feel the life has left your blonde locks, then why not soften them with some deeper sandy blondes, this will help give your main colour a lift, and add some depth to your overall look.  To avoid the 'tiger stripes' that happen with high or low lights, ask for blocks underneath or comb-in highlights to show through, this way it gives your hair lowlights without making the colour stripey.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Curly Wurly

Curly Hair... The Do's and Don'ts

Bouncy and defined curls is what we all aim for when trying to style our naturally curly locks. But other factors can rudely interrupt us getting to that desired look; such as heat, humidity and products. To help you get your desired look every time we have created the do’s and don’ts of looking after your curly hair.

The DO'S

Get your hair cut regularly

Don't let your hair get out of control book an appointment online

            Trim your hair every 3 months to keep those ends looking fresh and healthy and to rid any split ends.  After around 12-20 weeks of growth, hair branches at the ends (split ends) this causes hair to look frizzy and wispy, by keeping these ends in one piece, you are also strengthening the hair shaft and keeping it looking healthy.  For the longer hair add long layers, this will help to make your hair look less bottom heavy

Get specialised Products

available at

If you are having some trouble with unruly curls, then follow some simple steps.  Use a water spray and distribute evenly over the hair, then use a product to help curls such as Osis Twin curl.  Simply place a small pea size amount, and spread over your palms and fingers, then scrunch into the hair and leave to dry naturally or diffuse and watch as your once wild springs are now a tamed curly mane.

 Stay in the shower for a few moments longer.

This may seem stupid, but by standing in the shower for a couple of minutes after you've hit the tap off, the humidity helps to bring the bounce back in to your hair,  then simply scrunch dry with a towel once you step out.


Use moisturising hair products 

Organic Hair Care

To keep your hair in best condition, use moisturising products.  The newly packaged Essensity range we sell in the salon, has a moisturising family which is a deeply moisturising product collection. They immerse dry, coarse hair in moisture and nutrients.  They are enriched with Organic Olive Oil, organic essence of Aloe Vera, and Panthenol.


     Don't -    
Brush your hair, brushing curly hair can cause breakage and frizz.  Be gentle with your hair and scrunch dry, only using a brush when combing through a rinse out conditioner.       
   Don't -   
Shampoo your hair too frequently, for the finer hair stick to every other day and for the thicker hair types keep to twice a week but can rinse in between on the other days

Don't - 
 Use to much heat on your hair. Leaving moisture in your hair will help you shy away from frizz.

 Don't -
Get your hair layered to short or razor cut. Shorter layers can cause overly puffy hair and razor cuts can make your hair prone to frizziness.

By following these simple list of do’s and don’ts you will be on your way to create the curly look of some of our most idolised celebrities such as Beyonce, Julia Roberts and Leona Lewis. 

Calum xx