Friday, 13 January 2017

Seven Sassy Spring Styles

If there is one thing we love, it's a change of Season.  Prepare ahead with our list of Seven Styles that we think are going to hit Spring...Hard!

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Suzanne Joins the Team

Suzanne has joined the Tommy's Team and will be working at the Ruthin & Chester Salon to meet with demand!  We thought we would ask Suzanne a few questions so that you can get to know our new addition a little better!

Q - How long have you been hairdressing?

A - " I have been hairdressing now for 28 years!  I started when I was young and I knew that this was what I wanted to do as a career.  It's changed so much from when I started and the amount of dedication and business sense it takes to become a well rounded hairdresser is something I think a lot of people would find surprising.  You have to work with numbers, you need to know about chemicals and the reactions they have with different types of colour and products as well as being aware of body language and empathy!  It's not the 'drop-out' subject that so many people believe it is nowadays."

Q - What do you love to do as a Hairdresser?

A- " I love all aspects of hairdressing, but I think my favourite is wait...Hair Up Styling...Or maybe Barbering?  It's so hard to choose! I love everything about it!"

Q - How did you first learn about Tommy's?

A - " A friend noticed that you were expanding and suggested that I give it a go!  I think it's important to have progress in your head at all times, not only in your Career but also your skillset. I knew that Tommy's was very forward thinking as a Company so it piqued my interest to see what the opportunities could be here.

Q - What drew you to Tommy's?

A - " The biggest thing that drew me to apply was the evident Teamwork that goes through all the work and messages that I seen on Social Media. I love the idea of being a part of a group of people who evidently love what they do, and it looks like they're a good bunch!  The second was the Countryside!  How amazing is the Salon location?  To be able to look at majestic mountains and rolling countryside whilst still only being half an hour away from a City is just incredible!  I'm looking forward to some long walks!"

Q - What is your favourite part of Hairdressing?

A - " Like I mentioned before it's hard to choose just one!  But I do like colouring.  The evolution of colour recently has been epic!  Balayage is my favourite technique at the moment. The different degrees of it are so brilliant!  Whether it's a soft sun-kissed look or brighter funkier techniques it is a technique that is so diverse and flexible to magnify the style on any Cut or look.

Q - Who is your favourite Hairdresser

A - "This is a difficult one as I think there are some great industry icons out there!  I would probably say for Colour, it has to be Guy Tang. The things he produces are just jaw dropping!  The great thing is that you don't have to copy his work (Mermaid Hair may not go down brilliantly at the office and takes a long time to achieve!) But you can use the looks as inspiration for more wearable and every-day hair.  The other is Paul Stafford.  His looks and Style is very edgy and I do like the fact that you could get away with the majority of his style in real life.  I like to be creative whilst keeping a style manageable.

Q - What are your hopes for our Industry?

A - " Hairdressing has come on light years since I began 28 years ago and I really hope the momentum stays.  Take Barbering for example, it's completely changed from little backstreet shops that were seen as nothing special, into this massive lifestyle choice for men!  From sitting on hard fold up chairs waiting your turn to boutique and tailor made Barbershops that cater for a mans every pampering need!  I think it's incredible!  I also hope that the evolution of colour continues, not just in a fashion related manner but also scientifically.  With the creation of products like SmartBond to help keep the condition of hair whilst it's being coloured, and INOA with it's Oil Delivery System I think it's great that whilst Fashion for colour is demanding more and more brighter and bold colours the condition and health of the Guests hair is also front and centre! "

Q - Time to get a bit off topic....Given the chance, who would you like to be for one day?

A " Haha! This is going to sound weird but I'd love to be Prince Harry!  He seems like he has a great balance of fun and responsibility! He does so much for charity also which I think is incredible! Getting to see the world, meeting so many inspirational people, living in BUCKINGHAM PALACE! Imagine! I'd love to see what goes on behind the scenes with the Royal Family and how it all runs!

Q - What's the one thing you can't live without?
Suzanne with her Family

A - " Apart from my family, as they obviously mean the world to me!  I would have to say my phone...That makes me sound like teenager doesn't it?  Haha, but it connects me to the world and I'm always searching through YouTube for new Styling techniques or following the inspirational Hairdressers on Facebook or Twitter.  In this day and age we are so connected and information is so readily available it's so easy to keep learning, and I think as a Hairdresser you should never ever stop learning!

For a limited time there is an amazing introductory offer with Suzanne for 35% off!  To book you can claim the offer through facebook below, or call the Ruthin Salon on 01824 709977 and quote 'Suzanne Offer'

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

We at Tommy’s are stepping into the height of Wedding Wonderland Booking Season!  Brides full of excitement with their Mothers walking into the Salon after booking their venue, with amazing Wedding plans and ideas that get us just as excited! (If you’re Camilla, possibly even MORE excited than the Bride!)

It’s a great season, and we love taking the bookings.  Giving them exclusive use of the mezzanine floor for example in the Ruthin Salon, and organising fruit buffets for the Bridal Party (with some fizz to help start off the celebrations of course!).  Then comes the Million Pound question…

“So, do you have something in mind?”
The look of wonderment passes over the Bride’s face as you can see the visualisation materialise in her minds eye, like an out of body experience...She is hovering over herself at the ceremony on her big day and trying desperately to imagine what her hair, dress and makeup look like.

It’s always the first question we ask, and we always ask such a vague question because we know how things change from visualisation to reality.  Some Brides have an exact requirement, they know every detail of their day, and have it cemented in their mind...Some people haven't planned their wedding day since they were 6, so we always open up their creative thinking with another question.

‘What style is your dress?’

A massive question which will instantly give us an idea of what kind of Hairstyle will suit your overall look.  Will you be wearing a Veil?  Is it high neck? Sweetheart? Empire line? The possibilities go on forever and we understand how this affects the Hairstyle you will be wearing!

But in the meantime...Whilst you are frantically putting wedding favour ideas on your pinterest board like a person possessed, we wanted to give you a clue on how you can find the perfect starting point for choosing your Style.

Your Face Shape….  Below are the Face shapes that we use in Hairdressing and these can be a starting point for you to see what Styles you can search for!

Oval - You lucky, LUCKY thing!  A very versatile face shape to have.  Symmetry means that you can try most styles and they will suit you.  Low, high, side, centre ...The Wedding Hairstyle world is your oyster!

Round - You will be looking to elongate the shape of your face with the Wedding hair that you choose.  Not necessarily in all cases (personal taste also wins over!) but you will most likely be looking for fullness in the top to create a longer looking face shape. Hairstyles with height on the crown emphasise the length of your neck.

Square - This shape should be softened using styles that can be worn up or down.  We find styles with a sweeping fringe or a chignon are best to help break up the shape, as well as soft waves around the face or at the side that can really flatter this face shape.

Heart - In this face shape it is important to try and maintain some balance.  Avoiding height as much as possible, try to focus on styles that wear around the jawline.  Again, a chignon at the side of the face works well.  Side partings and a-symmetric styles will compliment a narrow delicate jawline.

Diamond - Quite an angular face shape, this can take some fantastically slick looks.  All hair swept off the face will really highlight those beautiful cheekbones!  Think also about tousled curls to help compliment this shape also.

Oblong - Why the long face?  Your shape is very flexible! Soft curls, sweeping half up - half down for an extremely romantic look.  This can also help as you can show off ears and you can add extra width without being scared either!  Think twice about giving yourself too much height as obviously the eye will be drawn to the longest part of your face, making it look even longer!

image courtesy of The Perfect Day Photography

Once you have a starting point, we can work with you to give you the Bridal Hairstyle of your dreams!  Hairdressers adore pictures, so get busy on your Pinterest and give us a visual feast when you walk in for your Trial appointment!  Remember we have many options available for styles that you think may be impossible.  With Rapture Hair Extensions that we use in the Salon, we can give you thicker longer looking hair within an hour, and they come out in fifteen minutes in the Salon! With zero damage to your hair or scalp….What’s more, you can keep them for another time and they can be put back in at the Salon!

image courtesy of The Perfect Day Photography

We will always suggest you have a trial before your wedding, this helps us gauge the time needed, and also gives you a good idea of what works for your style and what doesn't.  The beauty of a trial is that it isn’t just one look we can go for. Imagine it as the ‘Rough Sketch’ of what your hair will look like. Then we can just pull it out and quickly go for the next style you have in mind.  Then on your day, you have a full appointment to concentrate on the one you love best!  We take pictures of your chosen style also, this helps jog your memory a little closer to the time so you can be confident you made the right choice by your dress, and by you!

If you would like to discuss Wedding Bookings with our Stylists then please feel free to visit and find the nearest Salon for your Wedding planning!

Friday, 4 March 2016

What would you wear from Fashion Week?

Of course the clothes may be a little out of our price range...However we can take away some fantastic hair looks from the shows and wear those!  Our Top Stylist from the Chester Salon Hanna, has a look at what looks from LFW16 you can take away and make into wearable every day styles!

The show that is on everyone's mind right now is of course Alexander McQueen, and all the hair accessories!
If you are a brave one , mismatch the hair jewelry and put them randomly in the hair, or If you like a more sophisticated look a lá Peter Pilotto . Seen on London fashion week.

To copy the look , as seen on Simone Rocha LFW, you need to wet your hair and then use a gel , let it dry naturally , simple as that and you will be the coolest on the party!
From our range in Tommys, we recommend "Scruff Me" from L'oreal Techni Art . Get it in your nearest Tommy's salon!

Is it time for a hair wash but you don't have the time ? The low ponytail will save your day! Seen on Proenza Shouler show for NYFW . Take a piece of your hair and wrap around the bobble and make it stay with a clip , for a nice little detail.

Or go for a ponytail with a twist , spotted on Prabal Gurung on NYFW.  A good hairspray is a really good investment to take rid of fluff and baby hair .  We recommend Kerastase Laque Noire or Coutoure hair spray , available in your local Tommy's Salon!

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Life in the Fast Lane

No...We're not talking about getting Pole Position in the Salon to get your haircut first!

We know how life can be.  You have to pick up the kids from school at 3:15, you've booked a hair appointment for 2:00 and you are just not sure if you are going to make it in time, what with all the incredible treatments, head massage at Shampoo, and browsing of products you like to do when you are in the Salon.  It should feel like a pampering, indulgent experience.  Not the last sprint of the London Marathon towards the finish line!

Welcome to the Fast Lane.  Here at Tommy's we understand that sometimes taking your time simply isn't practical, and as one of our previous posts said, we never 'squeeze' anybody in.  So what's the solution?  

We Fast Lane your appointment!  Simply arrive ten minutes before your appointment time.  We will take your bill, book your next appointment and send you over for consultation with your Stylist.  So that when your appointment time comes along you have already had that incredible head massage, had a quick peek at the retail that you want to take home to keep your hair in it's best condition, and you can fly out the door confident in the fact that you have had exactly the same level of service but with a 10-15 minute head start!

Want to save even more time?  If your time is limited and you can only visit us on a certain day at a certain time, then we will schedule you in for that day and time at your chosen interval!  Stress free hairdressing!

To take advantage, simply phone your nearest Salon ( visit to find your nearest one!) and ask them to fast lane your appointment!

Got suggestions of how we can continue to improve our service for you? Please visit the website and get in contact to let us know!