Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Our Ice Bucket Challenge!

Of course, it was inevitable that we were going to be nominated at some point for an ice bucket challenge!  We do believe, that ALS is a very worthy cause, seeing what those people go through genuinely touched us, and we can completely understand why so many are helping raise awareness to make the condition manageable for it's victims.

We also felt, at the Ruthin Salon, that there was another very worthy cause, and it is located much closer to our home, and hearts.  Freya Bailey is a 4 year old girl who has a form of cerebral palsy which currently prevents her from walking without a frame or unaided.  There is a window of opportunity to raise money to give Freya a life changing operation which means that she will be able to run, skip, jump, and walk like any other four year old should be able to.

This means sending her to a specialised hospital in the USA, and amazingly she has been deemed suitable for the operation, and they believe that it holds a high chance of success.  This, however, means raising £65,000 to help her and her family get there to deliver this life changing surgery.   To help her along, we donated our ice bucket challenge to Freya, and we nominated three other local businesses to do the same.

So here it is, our nomination, and if you think you could help change this little girls life, then visit and donate, or text 'FFJG65 £3' to 70070. You can also follow Freya's progress, and any fundraising events if you wish to help at