Friday, 4 November 2011

Twenty Crazy Hairstyles

Now everyone knows Lady Gaga for her crazy hair and fashion.  We were having an early morning meeting when I brought this up, Ruth brought up the fact that what Lady Gaga is doing now has all been done before, it's just that she's brought it into the mainstream.

I was intrigued, Kristina joined in mentioning Avant Garde hairstyles, and how they've been around for years, and how there is even a whole league of hairdressers dedicated to the art of making groundbreaking hairstyles.

I could not believe how crazy some of this stuff was.... it made Gaga look like she'd just had choppy layers it was that quirky.  I loved it, and I felt like there was this whole side of hairdressing that not many people knew about in the everyday world.

Think of it as the Catwalk designers of the hairdressing world.  As with Fashion, the colours, styles, and trends that walk down the Catwalk all trickle down into the high street, influencing what people put on, what colour their hair is, and what style is going to be the next head turner.

So below are 20 hairstyles that I asked Ruth and Kristina to compile, with a few celebrities chucked in for good measure, I hope you enjoy!