Friday, 19 August 2011

Fringe-Tastic Friday!

If I had a penny for every phone call I got starting with ''Gavyn she thought she would trim her own fringe because it was easier'' I think I could pay myself for a year.

Well here at Tommy's fringe trims are complimentary for our Guests.... We made the video blog to show you how you can change your look in-between appointments without having to spend a penny!

Fudge (Virginia) phoned us, she has a fringe trim to keep her going in between cuts, and she very kindly agreed to be a part of our blog so we can show you how we can change your look in five minutes or less. Ideal for when you feel like a little change, but it's a couple weeks until your next appointment! 

 Thank Blog it's Friday!

Friday, 12 August 2011

The Devil Wears Prada.... But what's everyone else wearing?

Thank Blog it's Friday... With a twist!

This Friday we decided to give our very talented Camera man Milo a few days off  to sun himself, so the video blog will be back next week.  So I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce  the new page that we have decided to make for the  blog... another bow in our string so to speak!

For those of you who haven't been to the Salon let me introduce you to Kristina....
As you can see from this picture she is the kind of lady who could turn up to work 
saying she had the worst case of man flu alive, and still have the demeanor 
of a Princess and styling that makes Gok Wan look like he's been left in the stalls.   
So I thought to myself why isn't this lady giving us her opinion 
on what to put on our backs?
Here it is... The Fashion Page 
 August is here and still no sign of summer, the sales are on and all the shops 
look like a JUMBLE SALE !!
Quite depressing really ...So I decided to cheer myself up and get excited about 
the new season trends autumn/winter 2011. 

The homework begins !!!!

My top 5 fave fashion pieces .. 
 Pick a Decade ANY decade !!

Whether it be 40's ,50's,60's,70's and even the 80's there all acceptable this 
season ...It could be 40's with a nipped in at the waist pencil dress or 50's 
Audrey Hepburn style dress with a hint of tweed .60's swing with a shift or 70's 
patterned floaty number,or look to the future girls and wear leather and lace 
combined huge trend .

Dorothy Perkins

Find it in - Miu Miu and New Look 40's ,Isabel Lucas in 70's or the Lace vibe worn at Julien Macdonald (seen above) ,Salvatore Ferragamo.


Whether its Purple ,Orange ,Cobalt or green wear it block and bright. 

Forget the neutrals...brighten up ladies!

Seen on - Ginnifer Goodwin in Green Topshop ,Gwyneth Paltrow in a yellow Rachel  Roy and Angelina Jolie in an Orange Jenny Packham number. 

 Ditch the maxi... 

Bring on the Pencil Skirt...this chic curve enhancing skirt 
doesn't have to be boring, looks sexy worn high waisted,or teamed with pussy bow 
blouses or bring on a bright top killing two fashion trends in one go..Wahoo!!

Vera Wang
Dolce & Gabbana 

Seen on - Christina Ricci -Dolce&Gabbana,Leighton Meester wearing Vera Wang and 
seen in the high street stores Zara , Oasis ,Warehouse.

Bring out the STAR in you ...

Massive trend this season is going to be clothes 
with starry creations ,whether its dresses, jeans,jumpers 
or even if its just a pair of starry earrings 
if they've got stars they're rocking it!.
image courtesy of
Seen on - CATWALK Dolce & Gabbana HIGH STREET - Oasis,Next 
and worn on Solange  Knowels and Pixie Geldof

  See you in COURT... 

I thought you can't have all these great outfits 
without a fab shoe, and the court shoe does it for me. An elegant shoe that can 
be worn with just about anything ,comes in different colours,heel sizes and 
textures, a gorgeous all round shoe .
office Pewter leather Court Shoe
Seen on - Alexa Chung ,Jennifer Aniston and more.. shops Aldo ,Nine west and 
Pied A Terre .

Saving the best till last of course the
 HAIR !!!!!!           What to do?  well very simple 
Plus it looks stunning with all outfits ,The PONY TAIL , can be worn high and 
textured like Kate Beckinsale below , the low pony tail textured or smooth or the 
sharp parting sleek and sexy like Eva Longoria,all rocking the A/W catwalk trend 

Kate Beckinsale c/o
Eva Longoria c/o

The pony-tail hair kit ...  

Hair bungees to help grip that pony tail in... 

Aqua slide for a wet look 
essensity fixing spray for a scrunched textured look 

and finish with a Hairspray essential. Freeze, to make sure that it all 
stays in place

courtesy of and getty images
For the short hair lovers ,lovely little pixie crops worn on Emma Watson and 
Ginnifer Goodwin or a cute short textured bob very vintage , Alexa Chung wears it well and Kirsten Dunst .

Pixie kit ...definition and texture Flex wax  
and for a sleeker shiny look Aqua slide (see link above)

Vintage Bob - scrunched in texture twin curl will give you that beach look or a 
smooth wave use curl me soft .



I hope we have given you some inspiration for the up coming season, and I will keep you updated on any interesting fashion news.  More soon... 

Friday, 5 August 2011

Thank blog it's Friday!

What are you going to do with your hair?  You had the slick pony last weekend, and the thought of sitting there with a pair of curling tongs and hairspray, with Neighbours in the background brings on thoughts of suicide. Plus, you haven't washed your hair for the three days... What the hell are you going to do???

It's a brilliant idea... I know!!  The great thing about the quiff is they can be as rough and textured, or as smooth and sleek as you like, they always look great!

We've seen them on the Red Carpet from the likes of Cat Deeley
As you can see here with her sporting a lovely textured quiff, it doesn't have to be perfect for it to look good, in some cases the rougher it's put up the better it looks.
image courtesy of

I know what you're thinking... ''I've got short hair I can't do that'' Well NEVER say never, Rihanna with her short hair managed to put it up into a stylish quiff. 

image courtesy of
Now unlike Rihanna, we know that you don't have a team of sixteen stylists there to do your make up and hair before you go out, or wake up in the morning (Wouldn't that be great?)  so here is our wonderful Camilla again to show you how to do it at home... I know... You can thank me later...