Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Heeeerreeee's JONNY!

No you are not watching 'The Shining' (Great film though!) you are about to be introduced to the very talented Mr Jonny Williams from our Llandudno Salon in Craig Y Don.

Johnny qualified a year ago, and joined us in May this year.  He has had some extensive training, and since I have been re-homed from my home town Ruthin to Llandudno, I have had the pleasure of seeing his skills and mindset change into one of a highly skilled young stylist.

Every year our stylists kit up, and go head to head with each other in a photo shoot to the death.  The Stylists have a model each, and can literally go wild.  They cut and prep their models, style them, do their make up, and then head into the photo shoot to record their creative visions.  It's like a Creative version of  The Krypton Factor' for Hairdressers.

This event needs a lot of planning, and assistance.  The Photo shoot is hard work, and the stylists need all the help they can get... But not just any help.  They want the cream of the crop aiding their creative flare, and we get this by hosting a competition.  The younger stylists, Academy Apprentices and Academy Assistants all get the chance to compete to help the stylists.  They create a mood board of an idea that they would like to do.... Then create their vision on a dolls head, and photograph the result.  Tommy then reviews the entries by the Younger Team Members, looking at use of time, whether their mood board reflects their styling, and whether they were able to work to deadlines.  This Year from Llandudno, Johnny won the place to work with the stylists and join the winner from the other salons, in aiding the stylists on their day.  Here's Johnny's take on winning the place to work on the Photo Shoot!

Hey I'm Jonny, and I'm an Academy Stylist here at Tommy's Hair Company in Llandudno!  At the moment I'm enjoying the advanced training that Tommy is giving me at the Training Academy in Chester, and it's nice to see me becoming so popular so quickly as a result!

For the Competition I had to create a hair up and a mood board on ANY subject I wanted, which was great to let my imagination run free!

The subject I chose was 'Winter Elizabethan' because I love the dramatic shapes of their hair and make up.  I began researching Victorian, but soon engrossed myself in the Elizabethan period and their amazing clothes which popped up in Vogue, and Catwalks (featured left).  I was hooked.

Researching the hair, it showed up some fantastically dramatic shapes.  I chose the basic Queen Elisabeth style, and gave it a modern twist.  The make up was quite inspiring, with almost translucent eyebrows and tiny red lips.  As I got deeper into my research I could see that the modern twists that Vogue shown were so cool, that I couldn't let this style pass me by.

With Shades of Victoriana/Elzabethan in last years winter collections, I felt the clothes were also open to having that modern 'Twist' put on them as baroque styling was seen this winter from Vogue Russia (pictured left).  The Costumes were designed by Atelier Versace, Valentino Haute Couture, and Agent Provocateur.

I hoped you liked my first blog, and if you are in Llandudno, make sure you pop in and say Hi!

Jonny x

Friday, 5 October 2012

In with the New...

If you like our facebook page, follow our website, or indeed visit the salon, then you will know that there is a lot of hype in the Company over our newest arrival - Ashley Graham.

Ashley worked in Trevor Sorbie, and has done work on Vogue, ASOS, GQ and even contributed to shows with Victoria Beckham (did you hear the sound that name made as it dropped?!).  So as you can imagine we are extremely excited to have such a creative mind join the force at Tommy's in Llandudno.

After all the hype of Summer, we thought it would be nice to introduce Ashley to our online audience through  some hints and tips that he recommends for Winter.  So here he is Ladies & Gentlemen!

If you were lucky enough to have a summer, you may of had a lovely relaxing time, but guaranteed your hair will be more stressed than Tulisa's PR Company.  A combination of sun, sea, chlorine, and 'dip dye', is going to leave your hair dry, brittle, and resembling straw.

After a week with the team, and bashing the books doing my homework on the amazing product range the salons have, I have had the chance to put the study into practice and here are my top tips for combating summer stressed hair, and preparing your stress laden locks into winter prepared perfection!

TIP #1

Invest in Conditioning Treatments

They are not just an after thought- and believe me I know how pushed for time people can be, but lack of time is no excuse for poor hair condition.

Repair Rescue in particular is a great treat for hair, avoiding the sun is not enough to repair damaged hair strand, and you need to put protein directly into the hair, which will also nourish it making it feel moisturised, and bringing the life back into the hair.  Repair Rescue have salon exclusive shots that can be done at back wash when you are having your hair cut or blow dried, and you can take home the Repair Rescue Smooth Express which is a box of 'tear open' sachets, so they are easy to use in the bath or shower, and need to be in your hair for 30 seconds!  I spend more time than that trying to find the rubber ducky!

TIP #2

Ditch the Highlights

Consider a more global colour rather than highlights.  Blondes go for more warmer hues of golden blonde, whilst brunettes need glossy shiny hair.

Using our extremely popular Essensity Organic Colour range, you can colour and even keep the level of blonde in your hair, and give it an amazing shine and glossiness that only comes with healthy hair.    If you want to keep up your full head colour in between visits you can pop in to the salon for a colour gloss mousse.  These are very quickly applied at shampoo, and blow dried, all done in the time it takes for a cut and blow.  Refreshing your colour, and giving it a super glossy finish.  You can even take the product home to refresh yourself after your visit.  Great for when you want a colour boost in between your visits.

Blonde is not just a colour, and if you are not quite ready for the summer to leave your hair, we have the perfect answer.

BLONDME is a colour and care range in our salon that is specifically designed for people with blonde hair.  The colour is caring and can help create amazing variations of blonde, from warm caramel, to ice steel and even lilac (Which Camilla from our Ruthin Salon has a variation of, and it is stunning!).  What could be better?  Well the Salons currently have a 20% off BLONDME Services!  So you can get the colour and the care at an even lesser cost.

TIP # 3

Sharper Cuts!

Go for the chop!  Cut off those wispy sun stressed ends, and make your edges sharper and more defined, or boost your layers to add volume and hair strength.  Taking inspiration from the Catwalks for Autumn with fantastic fringes and thick healthy looking hair.   Teamed with a natural twist on your colour to accent the change in season, brunettes can go a shade deeper, and strawberry blondes can become more vibrant, with blondes steering away from dip dye, and paler shades to become more intentional, you will find that your summer hair can survive a change in style and season, whilst keeping
it looking healthy,and more importantly...
Super Super great!

I look forward to meeting you!