Friday, 28 October 2011

Mad about the boy

Boys Boys Boys!  Over the last couple of years we have noticed that the male of the species have become more and more concerned about their look, and style, especially when it comes to their hair.  Quite a few of us regarded back to when we were younger, and how your hair was the ultimate statement of style.  For those of you (unlike me... honestly) who are old enough to remember the 80's then you will recall the flat top hairstyles, afro hair, and enough gel to tile a small animal to a wall being involved in your styling regime.

So what has changed? If you asked me a few years ago,  I never ever thought in a month of Sundays that I would be wearing  black rimmed glasses ever again, and begging for my hair to be curly! But guess what.... I am!

But this time with a modern twist, the style is a little more exaggerated and tailored.  The Morrisey quiff is textured and has  the ability to be worn up in that cool quiff, or even (for the gents that feel like a change)  The rockabilly style pictured right

Gone are the days of grade 2 on the sides and number 4 on the top from your brother on a chair in the kitchen.  Men are starting to really experiment with their hairstyles, and it's not surprising now that 78% of British men in a leading manufacturers survey said that it was important to look good.

Not forgetting that 67% of the men asked also said that the second most important thing to them after shampoo was artificial tan...Not sure where exactly they held that survey but the first part is definitely interesting.

We have Stylists trained in delivering the best quality Gents cuts, with Scissor-Over-Comb technique.  This means the quality and the shape of your cut is tailored to last as it grows out, meaning that you stay sharper for longer.

As a Company hell bent on giving cutting edge styles, some people are unaware that we also cater for men.  In fact we have seen our male client base grow sufficiently enough for us to bring in the new (3D) Mension Range from Schwarzkopf, in a dedicated Men's Lounge*

The new range develops the main concerns that face men on a hair styling level... prepare yourself, it's time to get honest!

1.  "I'm not bothered what I use" - A lot of men are guilty on this level, they really don't give a damn about what they put on their hair, some even wash their hair with their body wash... I know... But this is what happens!  So Schwarzkopf created this hair & body Shampoo.  No brainer. Whack it on, wash, rinse, DONE. This section also includes a deep cleansing shampoo for those that use a lot of product or suffer with oily scalp.

2."Its thinning, what's the point?"  It happens to a lot of us at some point, and damn it, if there is anything I can do to slow it down, I'm all for it!  Activating Shampoo works by using Taurin, Panthenol and Carnitin.  The ingredients in the Shampoo help promote hair growth, and teamed with activating shots put on the scalp twice a day, can really help you from turning into your Fathers long lost twin too prematurely!

3. "It's always dry and looks like this" Great excuse... Not anymore though!  In combination with the Cleansing Shampoo, Grooming Fluide is weightless, gives the hair a healthy shine, and contains caffeine to stimulate the roots and promote healthier hair.

4.  "I've got really bad dandruff"  Now we all suffer from time to time, this can be triggered by many factors including stress, diet, or even weather.  With the Anti dandruff tonic from 3D contains Zinc Pythiron which immediately removes dandruff flakes, and the Pro-Vitamin B5 Moisturises and reduces redness and/or itching.   Used alternately with the Anti Dandruff Shampoo / Sensitive Scalp Shampoo, we can finally say goodbye to dusty collars!

Who's for colour?  I can imagine you may think it's impossible to get your man to colour his hair, or you as a Gent may think the last thing you want is to be sat in a salon amongst a busy womanhood telling each other the problems with their men (My Father believes this is what Salons are all about), however a leading hair company released figures that showed between 2008 and 2010 the number of men visiting hair salons to get their hair coloured increased by 50%.

Well I think that number is about to increase with the introduction of 3D Mensions Hair Colours .

Before you think it - You aren't going to come out with a purple rinse! These colours are designed to blend with natural greys, and your own natural colour, you can add more with casual depth to help give your hair more structure, or you can go all out and give it maximum texture through more darker colour to the end... I haven't even got to the best bit yet!

How long would you expect all this expertise colour to take?  An hour? Maybe two?  Try Five minutes!!! It's applied at shampoo after or before your haircut, and then takes five minutes to develop, then you are rinsed out and styled.

For us guys who like to 'bish-bash-bosh' this is a great selling point, and means that we can come out the salon in the same, relatively short amount of time, looking and feeling a bit more confident about our style.  

If you want to repeat the process at home?  The packs can be purchased to take home... believe me this is great, if you keep a pack at home for those busy weekends on the Stag do's when you are going to struggle to make it  to the salon, you can pop it on at home (Or maybe get a lady friend to do it for you).

So what are you waiting for?