Tuesday, 13 May 2014

12 Easier than Check-in Holiday Hairstyles

You are on  holiday, you wake up and realise that you look like you have been dragged abroad.  Don't worry!  Here are 12 easy to do styles that will give you some easy inspiration, day or night!

1. Au Naturel - I know this thought may terrify you, but look how effortless Alexa Chung looks with her natural wave.  It honestly may not be as bad as you make out!

2.  Turban Headband - Eva Mendes wears it beautifully, and it can be a great addition to a hair up, half down, or all up style. Literally takes the thought out of everything!

3.  Flick out bob - We know it sounds ridiculously simple, but getting those curling tongs and flicking out the ends of your bob is a beautiful way to add texture and style to natural hair.  Follow with some refreshing spray to give it body.

 4.  Half up - such an easy style, that can be made as elegant or as simple as you like with twists, braids, and plaits.
 5.  Plaits & Braids - if you want a look that will see you through day and night, then think about plaits and braids.  Keeps the hair off your face, whilst still able to be as messy or neat as you like!

6.  Off your face - no were not talking about too many mojitos at the pool bar.  Use cute little plaits or pins to simply take your hair off your face and leave your hair with it's natural body.  Think about adding some subtle slices of blonde in your hair before you go on holiday, they will brighten in the sun and really add to the look!
 6.  Twist & Pin - This look here by Khloe Kardashian is literally as simple as it gets.  You can add as many or as little as you want, will go through to night, and if you've been in the sea, the salt will add some great texture to your long locks!

8.  The low ponytail.  This is a great look, can be back combed for texture, or made as sleek as you like.  We personally love the messy low pony, and you can take a section of hair and wrap around the bobble to disguise and add some sophistication to the look.  The great thing about this style is that you wouldn't even need to wash your hair!
 9.  Mid length curls.  People always think that you need to curl the whole length of hair when going out. Simply  blast dry the top with serum, grab sections and curl the bottom half.  It adds fab texture and style and simply add a good hairspray to finish off!
 The hat & the plait - What could be easier?  Invest in a decent trilby, side plait the hair, and then carry on with your holiday cocktail!  Backcomb the plait a little to add texture, or mess around with the plait style, fish braid etc.  Miranda Kerr carries this look off effortlessly.

11. Be blunt!  Don't even want to think about your hair whilst on holiday?  Your pre-holiday appointment (ideally about 1-2 weeks before you leave) Speak to your stylist and get a blunt style like Reese Witherspoon here. The straight lines will literally let you get away with hair murder on holiday.  It will hold it's shape, and the straight lines mean that no matter what it's shape it will give a great look.

12.  Refresh. Let's be honest if you've got hair like Penelope Cruz without a team of 40 stylists running behind you then you are going to be in trouble on holiday.  Want a tip?  Refreshing Spray!  Shu Uemura do a great depsea foundation refreshing spray. Pop it through the hair, blast back into shape and boom! You are ready again.  Great if you are in a rush or just want to revive a style!