Friday, 13 July 2012

Get me to H&M!

Always struggling for something snazzy to find in the high street, and whilst all us men want to be a little eccentric but keep it modern, it's hard to find the balance to make yourself stand out from the crowd without looking like a plonker.  If you follow the cat walk fashions then you will see that bold colours and patterns are coming through, even in the men's wardrobe, and no more prominent than with Donatella Versaces bold patterns and colours.

For those of us who can't afford to pop into Donatella's and pick up the latest wardrobe on your afternoon off, there is a saviour in the shape of H&M.

Images Courtesy of Versace and H&M

Now, whilst you won't find me popping to the shop for some milk in any of the above outfits, there is some stunning tailoring coming out of the H&M collection from Versace as shown below.

 This pink suit captured the eye and I think its safe to say, it would make sure you  have every eye on you when you entered the room, only for those who can carry off the colour, with warmer olive skin tones and darker features.

If you wanted to just accentuate the pink in an outfit then think about these awesome shoes below with the stud detail in the heel, the studding is something that you will see all through the A/W collection of 2012

If you want to be a bit more understated then take the above black suit with the metallic effect t-shirt, to make it slick but casual.  Tied off with a studded belt, you'll have the girls thinking 'fifty shades of who?'

Due for release in just under a month, with casuals like the buckle high tops and this studded leather bomber jacket, make sure you get yourself in the front of the queue, right behind us!