Friday, 29 June 2012

Style Stealers - Quiff

We have been a little shy with our male audience recently so we thought that we would introduce a new section of the blog for replicating styles that we have seen over the last few days. 

The quiff is an absolute kick ass hairstyle that shows male confidence to hold their head high, and in 1950's hair fashion, men weren't shy about using their hair to get noticed. 

image courtesy of Men's Health

As the last issue of Elle dropped into the Salon we all sat there admiring the front cover.... A half naked, dripping wet David Beckham, walking out of a lake.  Whilst half of them were discussing the athletic tone of his body and the eye catching tattoos, suddenly a voice popped up " Ooooh I like his hair".   Imagine the rather puzzled looks on everyone's face, David Beckham is half naked in front of you, and you are looking at his hair?!  You can take the stylist out of the salon but you cant take the keen eye of a hairdresser out of the stylist, evidently.

image courtesy of Men's Health

Certainly not shy of getting attention through hairstyles is Mr David 'Golden Balls' Beckham himself.  I personally am so glad he's bringing the quiff out of the 50's and back into the 21st Century.  Want to steal the style?  Here's a how-to so you can get the quiff quick!

Using a comb, sweep back the hair, to achieve the cute little drop on the side / front, then twist the hair slightly in the front section to achieve the curl.  Using a soft wax / pomade such as Aqua Slide from our Osis range, or Essensity Texturising Cream also from Schwarzkopf, put a tiny amount on your fingers and run through the mid-length and ends of the hair to achieve a soft but natural shine and hold, that will make your hair look healthy and shiny. 

Slick back the sides and you are ready to ROCK AND ROLL!  If you don't have the necessary products then raid your lady's hair collection and find a hairspray, spray lightly and mould the hair using the above method, and simply pop a little more on for hold.  BE CAREFUL, with hairspray less is more, or you may come out looking like you have a plastic wig on.