Wednesday, 30 July 2014

The Bandana

Recently seen posing for one of the most famous 'girl power' shots of the century, Beyonce rocked a bandana in the recent picture, showing that not only is it coming back in to style, it's also actually quite functional... Want to wear one?  Here's how!

Wear it like a headband 

Fold into a triangle and roll into a band, then tie at the nape of the neck, this is great for a casual look, teamed with denim or a summer dress.

Wear it as a top / side knot

This look is the classic, and can be used to keep hair off the back of the neck whilst adding a chic touch to some casual outfits, pick brightly coloured prints to add some volume to otherwise plain t-shirts and tops.

Rihanna made this also work for a more dressed up affair, by matching a black bandana with the dress and cape jacket.

The Retro Pin-Up

Beyonce showed this recently as mentioned above, and it's a great combo with most summer outfits.  Add volume to the fringe or the top of the hair to accentuate the  piece and really add that retro feel to your hair.

The Bonnet

This is something that can disguise a multitude of hair sins if you are having an off day!  Fold into the triangle, and place at the back of the head and tie, tuck the bandana in and if wearing a quiff, then secure with pins or tuck underneath the bandana.  If you want to do it loosely this will also protect curls / pinned hair from too much movement before a night out!