Friday, 24 May 2013

90's come-back... It was 1997 yesterday!?

Yes for some of us it does seem like it was 24 hours ago, but the 90's fashion is gradually starting to seep in with, different decades being re-invented it would appear that we are starting to re-hash the era that brought us 'Friends' and the bad 5ive.

So, with a little revival going on, I thought we would drop by five styles from the 90's that can be brought back to life and re-invented with your own twist.  Feel free to adapt and change as you wish!!

5.  Flipped up

 Kate Moss made the 'Casual French Twist' popular by just slinging it up into a twist and pinning it in.  The texture can be seen all over the Catwalk now, simply add some mousse into the hair when wet, scrape back and twist up into clips or grip.  When dry use a comb to give it texture or make it messy to give it an up to date angle.  Shown below.

4.  Curves

Just because you have a bob doesn't mean it can't be diverse.   Remember Ally Mcbeal?  Think curvy bob which can be given some texture, this can be seen by the likes of Alexa Chung.  The chin length bob doesn't just have to sit there... it can be quite funky by letting dry naturally with something like 'Hair Body'  by Schwarzkopf (

Then style with a dry finish wax like Mess Up or Volumising Dust it.

3. Volume

No stranger to a bit of Volume,  the 1990's were all about big hair, today, it's a little more tailored and we draw the inspiration, but make it more intentional, with different textures and styles, don't be afraid to experiment.  Back comb hair and add braids, then use fingers to mess up the style.  

2. Long Layers

If you didn't know who Jennifer Aniston was in the 90's then you must of been living in a small hole in one of the polar ice caps!  The long layers framed into the face accentuated looks and gave it a real glamorous feel. The modern twist is styled differently, but has the same principle.

1. Minimal Layers

Minimal layers, doesn't necessarily mean straight sleek, shiny hair.  If you have a face shape and features that can suit this style then this will be great for you.  The straight hair reflects light better, making it look glossier and healthier than if you had wavy hair.... But who wants one style hair these days?

Accentuate your cut with a colour that can be diverse enough to make your hair glossy and healthy looking when straight, and dramatic enough to make you look incredible when you shake it up and put volume into it.  A great example of this is  Jennifer Lawrence below, the lighter panels in the hair will give it great multi-tonal effect when straight, and really make the style pop when it's given texture as it is below.