Friday, 10 February 2012

Tip & Trend- Birds of a feather

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We have come across something that we are starting to really like the sound of here in the Salon.  Now we are through Christmas, everyone's looking towards Spring & Summer - and their holiday!  

The thought of long Sunny days and lounging  next to the pool or rocking it up in a Festival is becoming reality, and with that comes the thought of what we are going to be wearing, on our backs, and in our hair!

Well look no further... FEATHERS!  They hit America last Summer and we saw Nicole Scherzinger rocking them in her music video, and we were a bit like 'huh?'  But now with the thought of warm weather and festivals in our minds we are looking to how we can vamp up the festival look with minimal effort.

They are super easy to clip in, and come out just as easily, they have an amazing array of colours to suit every look and style, and they can be adapted with your hair so it doesn't look like you've got some rodent's poker straight foilage in your hair.  They curl and can be plaited, so you can have as much or as little as you like. 

Look out for them... we think they are going to be everywhere over the next few months!